Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) and Karen Johnson present:


May 6 - 11, 2017 in Berlin, Germany
Uniqueness in Unity
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Uniqueness in Unity

In our journey to the depths of our being we realize our spiritual nature connects us all to each other in different and mysterious ways, but always as the same Beingness. Thus we discover many types and degrees of unity.

Some of us are concerned about the oneness and unity for the fear of losing the self or individuality. Others are delighted by the notion of becoming one in the blissful harmony and love of unity. However, our true spiritual nature does not annihilate us as unique human beings, but instead shows us the broad dimensionality and potentials of what it is to be human. Unity and diversity become the dialectical alchemy of life that expresses itself in as many ways as there are individual human beings.
We will explore in depth the two sides of uniqueness and unity along with the psychological and philosophical questions and barriers they bring up in our experience. We will answer these questions experientially thereby opening the portal to a true essential understanding of what we are and the myriad ways unity is possible for us. By dealing with these questions we will also have the opportunity to address them in our personal life and society.

We are offering the ninth in a series of public seminars, primarily for individuals who wish to have a direct and experiential taste of the Diamond Approach® work. The seminar will be nonresidential and will consist generally of two meetings a day. It will be held in the English language - without translation. These seminars present the teaching from a specific and new perspective and even though there might be a relationship of one to another, each Quasar seminar stands on its own.

The Diamond Approach®, as taught in the Ridhwan School, is a contemporary, original, spiritual understanding and path, expressing timeless wisdom on self-realization using the insights of our time. Modern psychological understanding and spiritual wisdom are integrated to provide deeper and more effective means of realizing, developing, and living our full potential. At each stage of the spiritual journey, we encounter beliefs, identifications and resistances, which can inhibit our development. The Diamond Approach® invites us to see these as both veils and keys to our full human potential. The teaching provides a deep synthetic understanding of, and effective means of dealing with these issues and obstacles, in a way that opens up the consciousness to timeless spiritual realities.

Note: Quasars are very intense energy sources in some giant galaxies, powered by huge black holes. They are the very bright centers of those distant galaxies, where some sort of energetic action is occurring due to the presence of a super massive black hole at the center of that galaxy.

For information about Diamond Approach®: www.ridhwan.org
Book information: www.ahalmaas.com

Quasar Seminars are teachings from the Diamond Approach as taught in the Ridhwan Foundation. They do not function as an alternative to ongoing work in the Ridhwan School, but as an additional opportunity for a limited engagement with the Diamond Approach®. These seminars are open to the general public as well as for all existing group members in the Ridhwan School in Europe and other countries. These seminars are not replacements for current students’ retreats. They will not include small groups or private sessions. People new to the Diamond Approach® will have priority in case of limited space. The seminars will be held in major metropolitan areas or cities.

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